I Like Girls

by on March 18, 2012

I Like Girls
indie-rock act the Twilight Sad sets on Casbah's Anti-Monday stage in support of this year's Fat Cat offering, No One Can Ever Know. Americana singer and guitarist from Abilene, Texas, Micah P. Hinson, up first. Found this on Wiki: “Hinson
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Academy Awards market going to the movies after lowest attendance in 15 years
"How could that be when you have a 'Harry Potter,' a 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' a 'Twilight,' all released in the same year?" asked a CBS News reporter. "Because there were a lot of other movies in that vein that didn't work," said Pichirallo.
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UFO sightings mirrored in last man on Earth films now popular as an art form
For instance, Smith writes how the “myopic bank teller Burgess Meredith” found 'Time Enough at Last' – from the 1959 first season of the “Twilight Zone” – when Meredith playing the last man on Earth “tries to catch up on his reading, only to break the
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